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Compliance with Oral Antibiotic Treatment in Ambulatory Pediatric Patients
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1997; 32: -)
A new approach to treatment of heart failure: beta-adrenergic blockers
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2004; 39: 141-145)
Approach to the patient with neutropenia in childhood
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2015; 50: 136-144)
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Health behavior in school-aged children (HBSC) study
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Prebiotics and probiotics
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Missed opportunities for vaccination
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A guide for pediatric intensive care units: propositions from pediatric emergency medicine and intensive care society
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The approach to hypertension in childhood
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Diagnostic approach and current treatment options in childhood vasculitis
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2015; 50: 194-205)
DOI: 10.5152/TurkPediatriArs.2015.2363
Case Report
A laryngocele diagnosed at three years of age
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2004; 39: -)
Veno-venous extracorporal membrane oxygenation in a deeply hypoxemic infant with persistent air leakages: The first successful pediatric veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation case report in Turkey
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2014; 49: 66-69)
DOI: 10.5152/tpa.2014.1172
Water epilepsy: A report of three cases
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2011; 46: 251-252)
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A rare complication of esophageal dilatation: Brain abscess
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2017; 52: 50-52)
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A rare presentation of acut rheumatic fever: Pericardial tamponade
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2013; 48: 342-344)
DOI: 10.4274/tpa.874
Original Article
Long-term prognosis of chronic hepatitis B virus infection in the childhood
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2014; 49: 117-123)
DOI: 10.5152/tpa.2014.1559
Five-year assessment of causative agents and antibiotic resistances in urinary tract infections
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The outcomes of children with tracheostomy in a tertiary care pediatric intensive care unit in Turkey
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2018; 53: 177-184)
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Desire to have other children in families with a chronically disabled child and its effect on the relationship of the parents
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2015; 50: 163-169)
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Cutaneous drug eruptions in children; single centre experience
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2011; 46: 62-66)
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Acute transfusion reactions in critically ill children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2010; 45: 348-352)
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Etiology of hematuria in childhood
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The frequency, clinical and laboratory features of RSV in small children with bronchiolitis
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Frequency of respiratory viruses in children with lower respiratory tract infection
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2013; 48: 215-220)
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Bladder dysfunctions are responsible for how much of the recurrent urinary tract infections?
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2013; 48: 110-116)
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Herpes zoster experience in two pediatric infection clinics
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Mitral valve prolapse in children: clinical characteristics of 113 patients
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2009; 44: 57-61)
Therapeutic response in children with post malignancy chronic HCV genotype 1 infection
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2009; 44: 68-72)
The first results of mechanical ventilation in newly opened pediatric intensive care unit
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2008; 43: 99-101)
Determination of the mean age at menarche and factors affecting menarche in girls in Isparta
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2008; 43: 50-54)
Usage of pediatric emergency department observation unit for children: observations in a university hospital
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2007; 42: 61-64)
Clinical and laboratory features in pediatric patients with common variable immunodeficiency
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2007; 42: 24-28)
Evaluation of patients with autoimmune hepatitis: eleven years of experience
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2012; 47: 29-34)
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Behavioral problems of encopretic children and their familial characteristics
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The evaluation of central venous catheterization complications in a pediatric intensive care unit
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Evaluation of proteinuria indexes in children
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Prevalance of tic disorders in children aged 7-12 years in urban area of Kayseri
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2001; 36: 219-223)
A study on the locus of control of the 9-14 years old children with acute and chronic diseases
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2005; 40: 211-220)
Pediatric risk and index of mortality in an intensive care unit
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QT dispersion and ventricular arrhythmias in children with primary mitral valve prolapse
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2016; 51: 135-141)
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Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in children: a single center experience
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2015; 50: 211-216)
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Neurological features and management of Wilson disease in children: an evaluation of 12 cases
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2016; 51: 15-21)
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Prevalence of hypercalciuria and urinary calcium excretion in school-aged children in the province of Tokat
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2016; 51: 193-197)
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Evaluation of nasal fluid β-defensin 2 levels in children with allergic rhinitis
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2017; 52: 79-84)
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Effect of labour on child body: the comparison of two studies in Izmit
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2011; 46: 105-110)
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Prevalence of food allergy in nursery and kindergarten children in Samsun
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2013; 48: 288-293)
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Evaluation of sleep quality in mothers of children with bronchiolitis obliterans
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2009; 44: 99-102)
Evaluation of febrile neutropenic attacks of pediatric hematology-oncology patients
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2017; 52: 213-220)
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Nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases in obese children and adolescents
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2012; 47: 172-178)
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Celiac disease in children and adolescents with Hashimoto Thyroiditis
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2016; 51: 100-105)
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Foreign body ingestion in children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2015; 50: 234-240)
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Urinary calcium excretion in healthy children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2009; 44: 131-134)
The effect of acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment on mean cell volume of erytrocytes in children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2011; 46: 126-129)
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Anemia, vitamin B12, folic acid and iron deficiency in children who can not feed themselves due to neurological disease
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2012; 47: 197-201)
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Prevalence of hepatitis B and C in first grade primary school children living in Sivas, Turkey
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2010; 45: 132-136)
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The effects of passive smoking on COHb, PaO2 and PaCO2 levels and postoperative respiratory complications in children undergoing general anesthesia
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2012; 47: 202-207)
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Evaluation of the child trauma cases applied to our university hospital department of emergency
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2011; 46: 156-160)
DOI: 10.4274/tpa.46.65
Invited Author
The crush syndrome
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2009; 44: 43-47)
Approach to the child with murmur
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2009; 44: 48-52)
Long-term benefits of breastfeeding
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2010; 45: 309-314)
DOI: 10.4274/tpa.45.309
Difficulties in diagnosis and differential diagnosis of asthma in children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2010; 45: 6-10)
Türkçesi Varken
Retrospective Evaluation of 176 Poisoning Cases Followed in Firat University Faculty of Medicine
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2000; 35: -)
The socio-demographic features of children working in the streets of Erzurum
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2000; 35: -)
Esophageal Foreign Bodies in Children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1999; 34: -)
Evaluation of Clinical and Laboratory Findings of Dehydration in Children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1996; 31: -)
Chronic Sinusitis in Allergic Children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1995; 30: -)
Langerhans' Cell Histiocytosis in 2 Cases of Cholestasis
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1995; 30: -)
Gentile Standards For Triceps, Biceps, Scapular and Suprailiac Skinfolds and Circumference of the Arm in Turkish Children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1995; 30: -)
Children’s perception of medical terms according to their developmental age periods - Origanal Article
(Turk Pediatri Ars 2006; 41: -)
Helicobacter Pylori in Children: What is Known Today and what Should Be Known Tomorrow
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1998; 33: -)
Thyroid Volumes, Thyroid Functions, Iodine and Selenium Levels of School Children Between Aged 7-12 Years in an Endemic Goiter Area
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1998; 33: -)
Gastrooesophageal Reflux in Children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1993; 28: -)
Parenteral Nutrition in Children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1994; 29: -)
Long-Term Pulmonary Function Tests in Childhood Hodgkin's Disease
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1997; 32: -)
The Etiological Distribution of Acute Viral Hepatitis in Children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1997; 32: -)
Renal Failure After Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1994; 29: -)
Effects of Enzyme-Inducing Antiepileptic Drugs and Valproate on Thyroid Hormones in Children
(Turk Pediatri Ars 1997; 32: -)
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